Our Journey

Vignesh Polymers continues to grow, innovate, and adapt to the evolving needs of our customers and the industry, ensuring a bright future for the company and the polymer industry in India.

As we look back at our journey, we are proud of the milestones we’ve achieved and look forward to many more years of success, innovation, and sustainable growth in the polymer industry.

Founding and Inception

Vignesh Polymers was founded in 2005 at Puducherry with a vision to provide innovative moulding solutions and contribute to the growth of the plastics industry in India.

Relocation to Chennai

In 2007, Vignesh Polymers made a strategic move and relocated its operations to Chennai (Padappai), marking a significant milestone in our company's journey.

Business Partnership with Samsung

In 2010, Vignesh Polymers initiated a strategic business partnership with Samsung, marking a significant collaboration with a global industry leader. This partnership contributed to our growth and further established our presence in the manufacturing industry.

Attainment of ISO/TS-16949 Certificate

In 2014, Vignesh Polymers achieved the ISO/TS-16949 certification, demonstrating our commitment to the highest quality standards in the automotive industry. This certification reinforced our reputation for delivering excellence in moulding solutions to a wider range of clients, including the automotive sector.

New Plant in Chennai (Vallam)

In 2015, Vignesh Polymers inaugurated a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Chennai. This expansion marked a significant step in our journey, allowing us to better serve our customers and meet the growing demand for moulding solutions in the region.

Full Plant Automation with Robot System

At an important point in the company's journey, Vignesh Polymers achieved a significant milestone by fully automating our plant with a state-of-the-art robot system. This automation not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also demonstrated our commitment to embracing advanced technology in the polymer manufacturing industry.

Business Partnership with IFB and Establishment of Goa Plant

In 2017, Vignesh Polymers embarked on a strategic business partnership with IFB, marking a pivotal moment in our company's history. Simultaneously, we established a new manufacturing plant in Goa to cater to the unique requirements of our partnership with IFB. This venture represented a significant expansion of our operations and a step toward greater diversification in the polymer industry.

Commencement of Painting Business in Goa for IFB

In 2018, Vignesh Polymers expanded its offerings by launching a painting business in Goa to serve the specific needs of IFB. This strategic move further solidified our partnership with IFB and highlighted our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients in the polymer and painting sectors.

Launch of Special Type Packing Material and Food & Beverages Business under the Sowkea Brand

In 2019, Vignesh Polymers diversified its portfolio by introducing special type packing materials and a new venture in the food and beverages industry under the brand of Sowkea. This expansion showcased our adaptability and our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the market with innovative solutions.

Business Partnership with SEOYON E-HWA

In 2020, Vignesh Polymers entered into a strategic business partnership with SEOYON E-HWA, marking a significant collaboration in the automotive industry. This partnership further expanded our presence and allowed us to contribute to the evolving needs of the automotive sector with advanced moulding solutions.

Commencement of Painting and Blow Moulding Business for Automotive and Appliances

In 2021, Vignesh Polymers expanded its operations into the painting and blow moulding business, focusing on serving the automotive and appliances sectors. This expansion marked a significant development in our journey, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to a wider range of industries, particularly in the automotive and appliances sectors.

Inauguration of New Plant: Injection, Stamping, and Assembly Factory

In 2022, Vignesh Polymers reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant covering 1.5 lakh square feet at the Vallam Aerospace location. This expansion further strengthened our capabilities, allowing us to excel in injection moulding, stamping, and assembly, and marked a pivotal moment in our journey towards continuous growth and innovation.

Inauguration of New Plant: EPS Moulding Assembly

In 2022, Vignesh Polymers achieved another significant milestone by inaugurating a new plant dedicated to EPS moulding assembly at the Vallam location. This expansion demonstrated our commitment to diversifying our capabilities and serving a broader range of industries, showcasing our ongoing dedication to innovation and growth.

Entry into Electric Vehicle (EV) Two-Wheeler Components

In 2023, Vignesh Polymers expanded its product offerings into the electric vehicle (EV) sector, specifically focusing on the production of components for EV two-wheelers. This strategic move marked our commitment to being at the forefront of the evolving automotive industry, particularly in the electric mobility segment.