Post Moulding Activities

Enhancing Your Polymer Products

At Vignesh Polymers, our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at moulding. We offer a diverse range of post-moulding activities to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our services include Pad Printing and Screen Printing, which add intricate designs and branding to your products with precision. Ultrasonic Welding and Hot Plate Welding ensure strong and seamless connections for various components, while Friction Welding brings unmatched efficiency to the assembly process. We also specialize in Painting, where we apply vibrant coatings to enhance aesthetics and durability. These post-moulding activities represent our dedication to delivering complete and customized solutions, making Vignesh Polymers your one-stop destination for all your polymer manufacturing needs.

Shop Floor
Logo Assembly
Camera Assembly
Cassette Assembly
IDU Kit Assembly
Hot Plate Welding
Friction Welding
Poka-yoke Validation
Drum Dry Leak Test
Component Painting